Welcome to Imagine Philadelphia, a website that contains film location maps for movies that use a fictional version of the City of Brotherly Love as their primary setting.  In addition to helping you think more deeply about the city and these movies, these maps will allow you to experience the simple joy of standing in a place where a story you love was told.  You’ll find maps for the Rocky series as well as Blow Out, In Her Shoes, Philadelphia, Silver Linings Playbook, and Trading Places.  In addition, there is a map that includes Philadelphia landmarks like the Art Museum, City Hall, and 30th St. Station that appear in multiple films.  Each map contains location information, images to help you recognize these locations, accompanying illustrations, and brief paragraphs connecting the real and narrative meaning of a given place.  Whether you view them online or print them and stick them in your pocket, I hope they allow you to experience the city in new and exciting way.