Research and Acknowledgements

I completed this project for a class called Mapping Philadelphia with Professor Paul Farber at the University of Pennsylvania.  I’m grateful to him and my classmates for their valuable insights about Philadelphia’s history and how it has been constructed. The course helped me consider the city in new way despite many years of living there.  You can find more information about Paul’s efforts to help Philadelphians tell the story of their city in a more accurate and inclusive way on the Monument Lab website.  

Kathryn Holeman, the designer of these maps, is immensely talented and extremely patient in dealing with difficult clients like me.  Her layouts of the maps and the illustrations she created brought me the kind of joy upon seeing them that I hope these maps brings others.  You can see more of Kathryn’s work on the KSH Creative website as well as her Etsy store.  She is the best.

I am indebted to several websites for the ways in which they helped me compile a list of films and pinpoint filming locations.  I encourage anyone who enjoys Philadelphia Imagined to read Julie Hatmaker’s article “Filmed in Philadelphia” for more information about Philadelphia on the silver screen and visit, The Movie District, and Movie Tourist when seeking out filming locations.  In addition, any fan of the Rocky series should spend time and money on Total Rocky, on which I found tons of helpful information about its filming locations.   

Here is a more formal bibliography that includes photos credits.  Entries are organized by film map and then location name and number.  If there are no sources for a given film or location entry, it has been skipped.